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Online Environmental Exposure Data Resource

We will develop a dynamic and continuously updated webtool for environmental data. The entire infrastructure will be open source and access and a resource for stakeholders, academics, as well as with the public at large. The webtool will include multi-faceted data streams. We will include all data collected and processed during the project in a searchable format. The webtool will include both static and interactive data visualization resources to explore the environmental data and the project results. Visualizations will include trends of environmental exposures on maps from anywhere in India, eg traffic, air pollution, temperature, greenspaces, with purpose of increasing awareness and aiding policy planning.

We will make available high-resolution maps of the exposure to PM2.5 and temperature at the 1km grid level across India. All algorithms and functions we develop and implement including specific aspects of our modelling approaches will be part of our proposed webtool. Text information will be provided in multiple languages. This will allow the users to examine the methodology in detail and adapt it for their own purposes, and apply the models to their own databases.