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Impact of heatwaves on all-cause mortality in India: A comprehensive multi-city study

The Consortium for Climate, Health and AIr Pollution Research in India (CHAIR-India) published evidence on the impact of heatwaves on daily mortality in various Indian cities. The study found that longer and more intense heatwaves were associated with an increased risk of daily mortality. Milder heatwaves also resulted in a higher burden of heatwave Рrelated deaths necessitating adoption and inclusion of mild heatwaves as well in the formulation of policies,  mitigation strategies and early warning systems. The link between heatwaves and mortality in Indian cities has immense public health significance given the changing climatic patterns. As shown in the paper, duration and intensity of a heatwave as well as region specific definitions of heatwave are important factors to understand the impact on mortality. Hence formulation of policies and mitigation strategies need to account for such factors to effectively reduce the burden of mortality due to heatwaves.

Read the full length article published in the Environment International Journal:

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