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CHAIR-India stakeholders meeting from 1st of December 2022

CHAIR-India team is working to bring out relevant knowledge both specific to India as well as generic knowledge for other similar environments that may face similar challenges under climate change. With that notion, the Consortium invites all the key stakeholders for a meaningful dialogue focused on health effects of air pollution and rising temperature in India and building actionable evidence and tools necessary for mitigating the risk, fostering collaboration and bringing evidence to policy changes in India. This stakeholder meeting intends to bring expertise from health research institutions/organisations, intersectoral and multisectoral researchers including public policy makers, international agencies, and funding agencies in same platform to facilitate knowledge dissemination, awareness generation and decision-making.  

Included topics  

  • Landscaping air pollution and health effects research in India, highlighting gaps & challenges 
  • Spatio-temporal model on air pollution (PM2.5) and temperature 
  • Online environmental exposure data tool  
  • Results from our studies evaluating short- and long-term exposure to air pollution on mortality across India
  • Panel discussion of Policy activities to address air pollution and climate change in India 
  • Keynote talk by Prof. Bert Brunekreef, Director, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences, Utrecht University, The Netherlands on “Collaborating towards improved health through air pollution research: Experiences of the ELAPSE project”